Download & Installing

Copilot is implemented as a Embedded Domain Specific Language in Haskell. Currently Copilot 3.1 requires a version of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) of at least 8.0 to be installed. The recommended way to do this is by installing the Haskell Platform. The Haskell platform comes with the compiler and basic tools necessary to install Copilot.

With a newly installed Haskell environment, we can easily install the latest version of Copilot. As a regular user, just execute the following two commands from the command line:

cabal update
cabal install copilot

These commands first update the list of known packages, and secondly install the latest available version of Copilot and all of its dependencies.

After these commands successfully finish, Copilot is installed and ready to use.


The source code to Copilot can be found at our GitHub project page.